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Expectedly, we got a wide array of—often creative—answers, but here are some of the key takeaways: Make your portfolio stand out from the crowd “Sometimes [stunts] seem to work, and every time they do they pick up buzz so they become a self-perpetuating loop,” explained John Kuraoka, a freelance advertising copywriter who’s worked at various agencies. “They’re clever and if they’re relevant they can help differentiate a candidate.” Still, he added stunts are increasingly becoming “just obnoxious.” “Whatever stage you’re at, you should have a portfolio ready to showcase your abilities,” said Lynn Bixenspan, also a freelancer with years of agency experience. “Even if you haven’t actually worked on any campaigns at an agency, create some spec work to show what you can do.” Bixenspan said it’s also wise to pair with a designer to produce work in which you take genuine pride. “If your portfolio kicks ass, you don’t need a stunt,” added Kuraoka. So, how exactly do you make your portfolio kick ass? “Ad agencies value different things in your book depending on what kind of client need they’re trying to fill, but range is usually your best bet,” according to advertising copywriter Rose Chirillo. “Show that you know how to write for diverse voices.” Chirillo also warned to not go overboard, as a few really solid pieces is better than a deluge of less polished ones. Beyond the portfolio, everything about the candidate can have an influence, said Amity Dannefer, senior talent manager, creative, VML. “If the work stands out to me, and I can see the passion they have for writing it’s a good indicator that it will also stand out and connect with consumers,” she said. Hobbies outside of work are also considered, and soft skills can be as important as hard skills, Dannefer added.

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